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Why did Trump speak out against the governor of New York amid the Corona crisis?

On Thursday, Trump said the decision to lift sanctions imposed by the Corona virus should be made by the state governor and that the federal government can only issue guidelines on the matter.

But after this, on Friday, when New York Governor K Andrew Cumomo was speaking at a press conference, US President Donald Trump was constantly attacking him by tweeting against him.

The matter was further exacerbated when Kumo alleged that the federal government was not providing the financial assistance needed to meet the lockdown and that state governments could not proceed without the necessary help.

Accusing Andrew Cuomo, Trump tweeted, "Governor Cuomo should take less time to complain while giving his job more time. Get out of the house and work. We've arranged thousands of beds in New York hospitals, given you a large number of ventilators."

Trump tweeted to another, "Cuomo demanded 40,000 ventilators. We gave them some ventilators, but that was enough. The state would have already stockpiled them with us."

After Trump's tweet, Democrat leader Cuomo accused that "if Trump is watching television sitting at home, he should get up and go to work."

Kumo has accused the federal government of not providing the necessary financial help to overcome the lockdown and start normal life in the state. Trump should not expect state governments to be able to take further action on this matter without the necessary financial assistance.

He says Trump made no announcement at a press conference on Thursday on how the state should emerge from the lockdown.

Most legal experts agree that the governor has the right to work in the states, not the federal government.

Earlier, Trump said he could make his own decision on lifting sanctions in the states. However, he later agreed that the decision should be taken by the state governor and that the federal government could only issue guidelines on the matter.

But Trump didn’t stop here, he appealed to the people by tweeting one by one that all three states should get independence from their governors. Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota - all three states have Democratic Party governments.

The BBC's Anthony Zucker in North America says Trump's gesture was clear. He says Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced a complete lockdown, which was also opposed by Trump supporters.

Earlier this year, gun officials in Virginia staged demonstrations demanding stricter gun purchase rules.

He says there are indications from opinion polls that the trap's popularity skyrocketed in the first few weeks of the Corona epidemic, but is now declining. In such a situation Trump is promoting protests against state governments.

Protests are taking place in many places

Protests against the lockdown are taking place in many states in America. Demonstrations have been held in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, Virginia and Kentucky.

About 20 million people have become unemployed since March. Opponents say organizing Pemibidis is not the right way to fight the corona epidemic.

Organizers of the 'Liberal Minnesota' protest on Friday wrote on Facebook, "It is not the governor's prerogative to ban Minnesota citizens."

Protesters say there is a ban on epidemics and business due to the epidemic. But the health official does not agree with this argument. They say removing the lockdown is a risk of spreading the corona virus infection.

Warning about Corona

On Thursday, the U.S. There have been a record 4,591 deaths in a single day, the highest number ever.

According to Johns Hopkins University, U.S. The death toll has surpassed 34,500 and there are more than 683,000 corona patients.

On Thursday, Anthony Fouchi, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said of Trump's "Opening Up America Again" plan, "The plan is to say what you want, but the game is not over yet."

He warned that the virus could once again raise its head and suffer the consequences.



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