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How to create a blog in wordpress.how to create blog website ? how we can earn from the internet ?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Everybody wants to earn money sitting at home from the internet. Thousands of people are earning a lot from the internet by working at home today. There are many ways to earn money from the internet, the most popular is blogging. A lot of people are earning very well at home, so for blogging, we have to create a website or say blog, now you have to create a professional blog without coding for it. You have to use wordpress,so in today's article, I will tell you how to create a professional WordPress blog by step by step? (How to make Professional WordPress Blog step by step guide ) How to make Professional WordPress Blog .

WordPress is a very popular name for creating websites and blogs, without coding, if you do not know the code at all, then you can take support of WordPress, this is a software that helps you create a better website. Or you can make money from internet by becoming a professional blog, so to create a WordPress site, you need to have knowledge of some things like domain or webhosting etc. So let's know that to build a website What do you need

How to create a WordPress blog? Complete information on creating a website on WordPress

1. Buy domain name for your blog website

To create a professional WordPress blog or website, first of all you have to have a name which is also called as domain name. The domain name is the name of the website or blog. For example our website name is buyyandread.com. Similarly, for your blog, a single name will be required, you can buy this name from godaddy.com, this website is quite popular in Indian to buy domain name, so you can go here according to your name and according to your name If you want to keep a website, you can keep it, then you will have to buy it, buy your domain name for a year or two and after that you can increase your debt by giving money again.

2.Buy Web Hosting for Blog or Website

The next important thing that comes after purchasing the domain name is Web Hosting. Web Hosting is a place in the Internet where we will store our files documents which will be needed to create a website or blog, then we will store it in web hosting. To buy hosting, you will find many websites on the internet, some of which are popular websites, Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, from here you can buy web hosting. Web hosting is a bit expensive and different. Types of web hosting So buy whatever hosting you need according to your needs.

3.Connect domain name to DNS server

After purchasing domain name and web hosting, now you have to connect both of them so that whatever you want to create your website or blog goes online, here you have to connect your domain name to DNS server, for this you will have to You have to go to Domain Management and change the DNS of the domain and enter the DNS of your web hosting.

4.Now open the control panel and install WordPress

Now after connecting DNS, now you have to install WordPress to create your website or WordPress blog, so for this, when you buy web hosting, then you are given a control panel on their behalf from where you can use your website If you can control this, then you get the link of this control panel through email or you can open the control panel by going to the account of the web hosting you have purchased from, then you can see it in the following screen shot here. How the control panel appears.

So here you have to enter your username and password, whichever is given to you, be careful not to share the username and password of this control panel with anyone, then now you have to install WordPress to create a WordPress blog To do this, you have to click on the softaculous option in the control panel and install WordPress. How to install WordPress?

  • click on softaculous apps installer

  • Now click on wordpress

  • click install

  • Now enter the domain name in the URL

  • After this enter login user name on Admin user name so that when you log in on WordPress blog, this is the user name you will need

  • Enter admin password, within this option you have to enter password which you will have to enter when logging into the WordPress blog

  • Now click on save installation details and save the details.

5.Now open wordpress blog

Now your everything is ready, now you have to open the Admin URL from where you will have to log in on the WordPress blog) then you will get its URL where you clicked on the save installation details. If you get the Admin URL then click on the URL.

So the login page of the WordPress website will open, then here you have to enter the admin user and password, whatever you entered in the details above, only then you will be able to log in to the WordPress blog.

So here you do not have to share this username and password with anyone, other than that you will have to remember the admin url so that whenever you have to open a WordPress blog or a website, you will need this admin URL Will be required

6.Now install the theme for your blog or website

Now you have to design your WordPress blog, then for this you will get many free themes or if you want you can also buy some better WordPress themes, then after logging in here you have to click on the appearance And then you have to click on themes and according to your theme, install any theme that you like and activate it, after that your website or blog will be created.

So after all these things, now you can write and publish your post by clicking on the post option, but before that if you want to design your WordPress blog, then use widgets here If you like, then you can install the plugin according to what you like and design your blog, then in this way you can create a professional WordPress blog or website.


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