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Corona: Why did PM Modi extend the All India lockdown till May 3 instead of April 30?

Amid the waste of the Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the lockdown period in the country by 19 days. That is, the lockdown will continue in the country until May 3. Earlier, there was a possibility that PM Modi may announce an All India lockdown by April 30 in view of the growing epidemic of corona, but he did not do so and has now set a date of May 3. But here it is noteworthy that, when most of the state governments were demanding the central government to extend the lockdown till April 30, why did PM Modi suddenly take this decision till May 3? Indeed, there is a solid reason behind PM Modi's decision. The reason for extending the Corona lockdown period to May 3 instead of April 30 is in the first week of May holiday and weekend. According to government sources, a request was made by the states to extend the lockout till May 3, but PM Modi did it on May 3 as there is a holiday from May 1 to May 3. Also read: Lockdown extended till May 3, PM Modi seeks 7 promises to fight Korona May 1 is a public holiday, according to government sources. That is, this day is Labor Day holiday. It is followed by Saturdays and Sundays on May 2 and May 3, respectively. This is the reason why PM Modi has extended the lockdown from April 30 to May 3. You may find this reason even more important because before the announcement of the nationwide lockdown until May 3, the period for all states to announce Lockdown Part-2 was April 30. Which states declared lockdown: Punjab, Odisha, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal implemented the decision to extend the lockdown of Koro by April 30. In addition, full preparations were underway in eight states. But now that the central government has announced a nationwide lockdown, the states that have extended the lockdown by April 30 will have to comply by May 3.

The lockdown was extended to May 3

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said, "I will continue to discuss with the states on how the fight against Corona in India should now move forward, how we should be victorious, how we can be harmed, how the problems of the people can be alleviated." Is. . Everyone suggested increasing the lockdown. Many states have already decided to extend the lockdown. The PM further said that, taking into account all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockout in India will now have to be extended till May 3, i.e. till May 3, all of us, every countryman will have to stay in lockdown. During this time, we have to follow the same discipline as we are doing. PM ​​Modi said, "My prayer to all my countrymen is that now we must not allow the corona virus to spread to new areas at any cost." If even one patient grows locally, this should be a concern for us. Therefore, we have to be very careful about hotspots. We have to keep a close eye on the places where hotspots are expected to be converted. The creation of new hotspots will further challenge our labor and rigidity. Corona's location in the country The incidence of corona virus infection in India is on the rise. The number of people infected with corona has risen to 10,363 after 1211 cases were reported in the last 24 hours in the country. At the same time, 31 people have died from corona in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll from the Covid-19 epidemic to 339. According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Health, out of a total of 10363 cases of Corona virus, 8988 are active cases. In addition, 1,035 people have fully recovered or been discharged from the hospital. As many as 160 people died of corona virus in Maharashtra at 8 am on Tuesday, according to health ministry figures. The number of victims of this epidemic has now reached 2711.

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