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Corona virus: Will corona patients be cured only by corona patients? | Buyyandread

Updated: May 19, 2020

total cases - 5865
recovery - 478
death - 169

The Indian Council (OF) Medical Research (ICMR) has approved convulsive plasma therapy prescribed by the Government of Kerala for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients. A medical task force set up by the Kerala government recommended the use of plasma therapy to address the current epidemic. Is this a treatment?

If treated simply, this treatment is based on the belief that patients who recover from an infection develop immune antibodies in their body that neutralize the infection. With the help of these antibodies, the virus in the blood of Kovid-19 patient can be removed. "Antibodies can only be taken from a patient's body 14 days after recovery and the patient's covid - 19 should be tested twice, not once," says Anoop Kumar, a member of the task force and critical care specialist at Baby Memorial Hospital in Kozhikode. A healthy patient's ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent) is tested to determine the amount of antibodies in his body. But before taking blood from the body of a healed patient, its purity will also be checked under national standards. Dr. Devashish Gupta of Shri Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram said, “There will be no exemption in this case.

How will the blood be drawn? Blood will be drawn from the body of the treated patient by the method of espresso in which the remaining blood will again be placed in the body of the same patient by removing components like plasma or platelets from the blood. Dr .. Anoop Kumar said, antibodies are present only in plasma. About 800 ml of plasma is taken from the donor's body. Of these, the patient needs to be given about 200 ml of blood. That is, one donor's plasma can be used in four patients. "This plasma will only be given to Covid-19 patients, not anyone," said Dr Gupta. To whom should it be given and will it improve soon? Dr. Anoop Kumar says, "People with fever, cough and shortness of breath do not need plasma. It should only be given to patients whose condition is getting worse and whose condition may become severe due to insufficient oxygen. They also say that as a precaution it can also be given to health workers. Regarding the effect of the treatment, he says, "From the tests done so far, it seems that improvement can begin in 48 to 72 hours."

What will happen next? Following the ICMR approval, the Kerala Health Ministry is now awaiting the approval of India's Drug Controller General. Task force members feel it won’t take long. But the team will have limited time for clinical trials. However, this treatment is being used in China and South Korea. Dr. "We need to take the ELISA test kit for clinical trials," Anoop said. We have already ordered. This kit is in high demand worldwide. " So far, more than 80 people in Kerala have recovered from Kovid-19. Dr Anoop says, "We have to find out how many of these people have completed the quarantine period after recovering. We don't have a fixed number. But we can take most of them plasma. How much does this treatment cost? Doctor Anoop says that this treatment will not cost more than Rs 2,000 as the treatment will be available in a government hospital. But why plasma therapy? There are two main reasons behind this. The first is that there is no cure for Covid-19 yet. The second is that plasma has been used for centuries to treat infectious diseases. Prior to this, plasma therapy was also used to treat epidemics such as SARS, Mars and H1N1.

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