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Corona virus: Trump unveils plan to cancel lockdown.

US President Donald Trump has proposed a three-phase plan to start normal life in the country.

Trump has proposed a three-step plan to reopen schools and offices under the "Opening Up America Again" plan, urging all states to consider implementing those suggestions. According to the plan, all phases will be in force for at least 14 days.

Trump explained the plan in detail at a news conference Thursday. Trump said prolonging shutdown of the economy is not the right way to deal with the Corona crisis.

The number of corona infections worldwide has exceeded 21.51 million. The corona virus has killed more than 1.43 lakh people so far.

The worst victims of Corona have been Americans, where more than 32,000 people have died. More than six and a half lakh people have been infected here.

What is Trump's plan?

In the first phase of the scheme, there is talk of enforcing social distance rules, during which schools and offices will be closed.

If the move shows a reduction in infection cases in the states, the states may consider implementing a second phase. Under this, some offices with limited number of employees will be allowed to open fees. But the ban on gathering more than 50 people in one place during this period will continue.

In the third phase, all offices will be allowed to function normally and during this time, there will be no restrictions on the movement of people in hospitals and the care of the elderly. During this time, people who are at risk of infection will be advised to exercise caution.

Decision pending on governors of states

Trump had earlier held discussions with the governors of all the states and agreed to leave the decision to the governors of the states to remove the sanctions imposed on the citizens.

Earlier, Trump said he could make his own decision on lifting sanctions in the states. He later agreed that the decision should be taken by the state governor and that the federal government could only issue guidelines on the matter.

During the discussion he told the governors, "You will run the scheme as per the need, we are only helping you. Whatever you want, we will provide you."

Anthony Fouchi, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Corona, convener of the Corona Virus Taskforce, spoke with Trump at the press conference. There were also Deborah bricks.

States may take different time.

"We shut down our economy to win the war and we are winning this war. But now we have to lift sanctions from the country. We have to keep our economy going and we have to do it quickly," President Trump said. He said all states would start lifting sanctions at different times after assessing their status. He said "all states are different" and while work could start quickly in some states, it could take some time in other states. At the press conference, Trump also accused the World Health Organization and said that America has not been given full time to prepare. "I am angry because he should have informed the US and the world about this crisis in advance," he said. However, according to a White House memo, in January of this year, the United States was told about the growing threat of the Cora virus. Critics say Trump immediately cut off air links between China and the US, but wasted crucial time dealing with Corona by March.

The game is not over yet.

Convener of the Corona Virus Taskforce, Dr. Deborah Into said the plan is for states to allow employees to return to work in phases by working in these three phases.

But in the third stage people will be advised to follow the rules of social distance.

"You can call this plan whatever you want, but the game is not over yet," said Anthony Fouchi, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

He warned that the virus could once again raise its head and suffer the consequences.

However he says that until the virus is vaccinated "I think we can control the situation.

Coronavirus case in India

This information is updated regularly, although it is possible that the latest statistics from any state or union territory are not immediately available.

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