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Corona virus: How long does it take to recover from an infection?

Although the Kovid-19 epidemic began in late 2019, there are now indications that some patients will take a long time to fully recover.

The time it takes to recover from an infection will depend on how sick you were before.

It is possible that some people will get rid of this disease soon and some people will have to struggle for a long time to get rid of it.

Age, sex and other health problems, all of these factors increase the risk of a person becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

There will be more experiments with your body in its treatment and the longer it lasts, the longer you will recover.

What if I have mild symptoms?

Most people who are infected with the corona virus have prominent symptoms such as cough and fever.

But they can complain of body aches, fatigue, sore throats and headaches.

Initially there is a dry cough, but some people eventually start coughing with mucus which contains 'dead cells' of the lungs killed by the corona virus.

To treat these symptoms it is recommended to take rest, paracetamol as a pain killer and drink enough water.

People with mild symptoms are expected to recover quickly. Fever should take less than a week, although coughing takes longer than usual.

According to the World Health Organization's analysis on Chinese data, it takes an average of two weeks for a person to recover from an infection.

What if I have severe symptoms?

This disease can cause very serious conditions for some people. It is known within seven to ten days of infection.

Health conditions can deteriorate rapidly. With complaints of pneumonia, breathing becomes difficult.

This happens because the body's immune system is trying to fight the infection.

Indeed, the immune system reacts strongly against the corona virus and some of its damage is also done to our body.

Some people need to be hospitalized for oxygen therapy.

"It takes a while for breathing problems to improve ... the body seems to recover from the inflammation and discomfort," says British doctor Sara Jarvis.

Sara says it can take two to eight weeks for such patients to recover. Yet their weakness can last a long time.

What if I have severe symptoms or need to go to the ICU?

According to the World Health Organization, only one in 20 people need to go to the ICU. This may include placing it on a ventilator.

If a person is admitted to the ICU, whatever the illness, it definitely takes time to recover from the disease. After the ICU, the person is first moved to the General Ward and only then is he allowed to go home.

Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Dr. Al. It can take 12 to 18 months for a person to return to normal life after serious treatment, says Allison Petard.

Prolonged lying on a hospital bed causes severe muscle damage. The patient becomes weak and takes time to gain strength in the muscles. In some cases, people have to take physiotherapy to get back to normal walking.

During the stay in the ICU, the body goes through a lot of treatments and means and in such a condition mental problems are likely to occur.

“With this disease - viral fatigue is definitely a big factor,” says Paul Tuz, a critical care physiotherapist at Cardiff & Well University Health Board.

There have been many such reports from China and Italy stating that the patients have symptoms of complete body fatigue, shortness of breath, persistent cough and shortness of breath.

But this is not the case. Some people stay short in the ICU while some have to keep the ventilator on for a long time.

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