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Corona virus: How countries are coming out of this lockdown situation.

Updated: May 4, 2020

Social disease is the most effective ‘cure’ of the epidemic until the Covid-19 vaccine is ready.

In view of the epidemic caused by the corona virus, a 'safe distance is safe' is being promoted in most of the affected countries.

In order to effectively implement social distance, most countries affected by the transition to the Corona chose the path of lockdown, be it Asia, the Middle East, Europe or America.

Now countries that feel the epidemic has reached its "peak" are devising a strategy to end the lockdown.

The 21-day lockdown began on March 22 with the end of the public curfew in India.

The 21-day lockdown was scheduled to end on April 14, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to extend it to May 3 after discussions with state governments.

The Indian government has said that after April 20, some areas of the country will be given conditional release from the lockdown after taking part in the situation.

When will the lockdown end?

Countries that are now claiming to be out of the epidemic, they and their service companies have begun preparations after the lockdown.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that she wants to "gradually move toward lifting sanctions."

He said that currently the rules regarding social distance have to be followed, people have to wear masks when they come out of the houses, but public transport will now be started, as well as limited size shops (less than 800 square meters) and motorcycles will also be started. Stores will be opened

Germany has decided that after May 4, select schools will be opened with great caution, but all religious programs and large gatherings will be banned until August 31.

Merkel said it was because of strict adherence to the lockdown that she could contain the epidemic.

In Germany, about 1.25 million people have been infected with Kovid-19, of which more than 3,200 have died.

The time has come to be very vigilant, the German government has said. With that in mind, the German government has decided that restaurants, bars, large halls ,cafes and etc will remain closed for the time being.

Preparations in other countries of Europe as well

Schools for children up to 11 years old have opened in Denmark. The nursery school is also open. The school administration has been instructed to pay special attention to the hygiene of the children.

Austria has also decided that it will open small shops here this week. Also, sports played at a distance from each other on the field, such as tennis, golf, etc., will be allowed from May 1.

Italy, Europe's largest epidemic center, has also begun opening book shops and children's clothing stores.

The Spanish government has decided that construction and manufacturing work should begin. Seeing this, companies have started calling their artisans. In addition, aunts providing small local services are also allowed to work.

In Spain, the mayor of the city of Barcelona has appealed to the government to ease some of the strictest restrictions on children. The Spanish government ordered that children should not come out of the house under any circumstances.

EasyJet, a service provider primarily in Europe, has decided that when airlines start after a lockdown, they will leave the middle seats on their planes vacant so that people do not have to sit tight.

EasyJet stopped all its flights on March 23.

L. John, the company's CEO said "This will give people confidence that air travel is no longer safe,"

However, some countries are still not fully convinced about the current situation.

France, for example, has extended the lockdown for another four weeks. There will now be a lockdown until May 11th.

At the same time, Belgium has also extended restrictions to at least 3 May.

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