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Updated: May 19, 2020

After the long wait of weeks, that time had finally arrived.

Balachandrudu was boarding the flight AI-988 from Kuwait to Hyderabad with 159 other passengers on Saturday afternoon.

For the past few days, the people working in the unhealthy Kuwait Oil Company wanted to reach the Balachandrudu family.

He had also got the Indian Embassy registered, but the queue of those desiring to return among their own is long and 'they did not know whether their number would be taken or not'.

Balachandrudu was among the 1373 Indians who reached Chennai, Kochi, Tiruchirappalli, Hyderabad, Delhi and Lucknow on Saturday from Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Sharjah, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

Mission Vande India

'Mission Vande India' - This plan to bring back the migrants to the country has started from May 7. On the first day, 354 passengers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai were taken to Kochi and Kozhikode in Kerala. After this, the process of bringing Indians back from the Gulf and other countries of the world is going on. But Asif Khan will have to wait longer, Asif Khan who is not ready to give his picture in fear, because under the 'Kafala' system, his passport is with his sponsor, and despite applying for a new passport 25 days ago He has not been able to issue a new passport from the embassy. There are at least forty thousand NRIs living illegally like Asif Khan in Kuwait who are 'trapped' there due to loss of passport, non-return of passport through sponsor, expiry of visa, etc.

Indians living in Gulf countries

According to reports, including people from other countries such as the Philippines, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc., more than 1.5 lakh illegal migrants are present in Kuwait for which the local government has announced an amnesty (exemption) under which such people No penalty of any kind will be charged in case they apply to return to the country, but also their food and drink arrangements till return Also will Kuwaiti sovereignty. In addition, she will also give his return ticket.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also wrote a letter in this regard to Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar in the first week of April.

Asif Khan says, "One of my sons is trapped in Dharavi because of Corona, my family is alone in the village and relatives are assaulting their wife so help me to reach home somehow."

At least 3,50,000 Indians working in Gulf countries have registered to return to the country. It has approximately 2,50,000 from the United Arab Emirates and 60,000 from Saudi Arabia. On the websites of embassies in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, Indians have also filled in forms to return

Who will get priority?

The Union Home Ministry announced on Monday, May 4, that the stranded Indians in different parts of the world, including the Gulf countries, will be brought back. After this, Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla issued a detailed guideline according to which Indians desirous of returning to the country will have to register at the nearest embassy, ​​after which the government will arrange the aircraft / ship and the returning women, pregnant women, patients , Priority will be given to old citizens and workers trapped in trouble. According to press officer Neeraj Aggarwal, "Nearly two and a half million forms wishing to return have been filled in the UAE so far, people are being contacted after their assessment at the embassy, ​​based on which in which order to go, the list is ready." Is performed." For this, a team of 30 people is continuously working, Neeraj Aggarwal said, "After scrutinizing the existing data and talking to people, it is known that every fourth-fifth person who has registered is serious about returning home. "

Return arrangement

The consulate in Kuwait has also taken help of voluntary organizations working among Indians. The Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia started the registration of those desirous of going back since the end of April, and sixty thousand Indians applied for it online. After this, the embassy has advised people to be patient as it will take time to arrange a return for such a large number. The work of bringing people back to India from Saudi Arabia started on 8 May, under which the first flight was flown from Riyadh. Flights from Dammam and Jeddah have also been announced in the coming days. In the first week, 15,00 overseas Indians will be able to return from here.

Patience is responding ...

But due to the delay, the patience of those who help those trapped there and the guest countries is responding. Mohammed Ilyas, a resident of Katappa district in Andhra Pradesh, says people have been staying in camps for more than two weeks where there is not enough toilet, bathroom, etc. for such a large number. The local administration has made arrangements for schools, villas and other places for those who have been expelled from their jobs, who have expired their visas, who have gone to visit and are stuck due to lockdown. In a video sent to the BBC, the three women cried 'pleading with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy' to complain about being placed in camps with sick people.

What Government think

There has been a sharp criticism of the Narendra Modi government about the fare collected for bringing migrants and people have compared it to the times like the Gulf War when the Indian government did not hire any kind to bring the countrymen from outside.

Vineet Yohanan, who was present in Quarantine in Kollam, was able to return to Kerala from Dubai only with the help of someone.

Vineet says, "I did not have 750 dirhams of tickets because I went on a visit visa and I could not find work. Then the airlines stopped because of Kovid 19 and I got stuck there. The kind of person who sponsored my ticket. "

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