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Corona: Did the COVID-19 virus come from a Chinese laboratory? what is the truth ?

There are many myths about how and where the corona virus came from. Some claim that the virus has spread from animals to humans.

But from which animal, nothing can be said about it. Some claim that if the virus reached humans from pangolins, some bats are responsible for it.

People believe it comes from China’s ‘weight-market’. In China, many wild animals are used for food and medicine. The corona virus came into humans from there.

For a time, bats were considered the original source of the corona virus. It was argued that the virus had reached the 'human market' in the Chinese city of Wuhan in some men and then spread around the world.

After this, a research has said that the virus came from pangolin in humans. A research was also done on this. The research states that pangolins contain viruses that are similar to corona viruses. But this research is also at an early stage.

Apart from this another theory is that this virus was prepared in a laboratory. But did the virus really originate from a lab in Wuhan, China, and spread around the world?

U.S. Home Office sources say embassy officials were concerned about biodiversity in the virus lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The lab is in the same city where the first case of corona virus infection was reported and then somewhere in the world the attention went to this.

US President Donald Trump has already said that the US government is investigating unconfirmed reports saying the virus came out of the laboratory.

So if there is such a thing in this, will something new be added to our understanding of this epidemic yet?

What do the sources say?

The Washington Post reported, based on embassy sources. In 2018, American science diplomats visited Chinese research facilities several times, the newspaper said. Officials also issued two warnings to the U.S. about inadequate security in the lab.

According to this column in the Washington Post, visiting officials expressed concern about security and other shortcomings at the Wuhan Institute of Virgology. He also asked for help.

It is also being claimed that diplomats have expressed concern about lab research on the bat corona virus, which could cause a new epidemic like SARS.

The newspaper writes that these claims of sources The government has further fueled discussions, stating that the source of the Covid 19 epidemic virus is either the Wuhan Institute of Virology or another lab in Wuhan.

In addition, Fox News recently released a report on lab-theory.

The corona virus was first detected in December last year. Its earliest cases involved a waiting market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But here it is very important to clarify that apart from the large-scale speculation of this spec, there is no evidence that the SARS Covid 2 virus is a lab error.

What types of safety parameters are followed in laboratories?

The BSL standard system is used in laboratories where research and experiments on viruses and bacteria are carried out.

BSL stands for Biosafety Level.

There are four levels, which are studied depending on the type of biological agent and the precautions to be taken.

Biosafety Level 1 is the lowest and is used by laboratories known for the study of biological agents. It poses no threat to humans.

As the level increases, so does the caution.

For example, if you are at Biosafety Level 4, the most care needs to be taken. This is the highest level. However, this is reserved only for laboratories where vaccines and treatments are used to work on the most dangerous viruses available. For example, only two laboratories for Ebola, Marburg virus and smallpox located in Europe-Russia.

BSL standards are followed all over the world but with some cosmetic variations

Dr Philippa Lentzos, a biosciences expert at King's College London, says that if Russia were to be taken as an example, they would have labeled their most-controlled laboratory 1 and the lowest 4. In this case it is completely against the norm but the basic process and the concept of constitution are the same.

However, guidelines for different levels have also been created by the World Health Organization, but these are not binding.

According to Dr. Lentzos, these laboratories have been developed in such a way that they are a safe place to work. Not only safe for the people working here, but also environmentally safe.

But he adds, "If you want to work on a project with international partners, they demand that the labs adhere to certain standards. Or if you have a product to sell in the market or any of your services provided on your behalf." Is coming, such as testing or any other service, then you have to meet international standards. "

In addition, the Wuhan Institute of Viriology Funded by U.S. Also support from research institutes. Embassy sources also offered more financial assistance.

What kind of security vulnerabilities are being talked about?

The short answer to this question is that we do not know from the information given in the Washington Post. But in general, there are many levels where security vulnerabilities can occur. Adding to this, Dr. Lentzos says that those who have labs to access, scientific and technical services, training, record keeping, etc. are also likely to default. But how unusual was this concern of diplomatic sources? Accidents happen. In 2014, smallpox vaccine vials were found in cardboard boxes at a research center near Washington. With this, in 2015, the U.S. The military mistakenly sent live anthrax samples to nine laboratories in the country and to a South Korean military base to replace dead seeds. Safety standards in the lower range lab of the BSL scale are quite different and many minor security defaults never make the news. But there are very few laboratories labeled BSL-4. Wikipedia has a list of 50 such labs worldwide, one of which is WIV. But this list is not an official list. These labs have to be built with very high stratum standards in mind, as these labs are exposed to very dangerous pathogens. As a result, their safety record is generally good. So, if any of these have any concerns about their process, it will be very important.

Were there any previous claims of such a virus being released from the lab?

Yes, there was a lot of speculation as soon as Kovid 19 came to know. However, it is not known where most of this news came from.

In January a theory naline theory became very popular. In this theory, it was said that the virus could be prepared in the lab as a bioavailability (biological weapon).

However, scientists have been rejecting this theory from the beginning. While most scientists and studies so far suggest that the corona virus came primarily from animals to humans, they are even more skeptical about bats that the original source of the virus is bats.

However, viruses can also be developed for the purpose of basic scientific research. For example, this can be used to determine how the virus will transform in the future.

But an American study published in March found no such indication.

Christian Anderson, co-author of Scripps Research, says that after comparing the known genome data of the corona virus, we can clearly say that SARS Covid 2 is completely natural.

There is another allegation that raises concerns that this natural virus came out of the laboratory by accident. The proximity of the Wuhan Seafood Market to at least two research institutes researching infectious diseases has given rise to this concern.

WIV conducted research on bat corona virus. This was perfectly valid and the research done here was also published in many international journals.

Dr Lentzos says it's a little hard to tell where the virus came from. There are many kinds of thoughts about this. But there is currently no conclusive evidence that the SARS Covid 2 came from any research institute in Wuhan.

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijia also responded to the issue at a news conference. He told reporters that World Health Organization officials "have often said that there is no evidence that Covid 19 or SARS Covid 2 have been prepared in the laboratory."

Questions are being raised about the steps taken by US President Donald Trump and his administration to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Meanwhile, in response to a question, President Donald Trump said the US government is investigating the lab theory.

However, with the introduction of this virus, China has been accused from the beginning that they do not have transparency in the early stages of corona virus infection.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also said that China needs to come out in a transparent manner.

When the war of words between the United States and China continues, scientists are trying to find the root cause.

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