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Apple's 2020 Event Plans: New Products and Software coming in 2020

Apple is holding a digital-only fallevent on Tuesday, September 15th, but this year's event may be differentfrom other September events that we've had in the pastbecause we might not see iPhone announcements. Current rumors indicateApple's September 15th event will focus on the Apple Watch Series 6and new iPads, with a second iPhone focused event coming in October.

we're going to go over everything that you need to know aboutthe products that Apple might announce at next week's event.Before we get started, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to getnotifications whenever we share a video. Starting off with the Apple Watch Series6, we are expecting to see pretty much the same designas the past few years with a few internal upgrades and the addition of anew blood oxygen monitoring feature. Based on discovered code in iOS 14, Applewill provide notifications when blood oxygen levels drop below a healthythreshold, which is right around 95 to 100 percentsaturation. A drop in blood oxygen level can suggesta serious respiratory or cardiac problem. Anotherrumor for the upcoming watch is that it will allegedly havemental health capabilities that will allow it to detectpanic attacks or high levels of stress and provide breathing exercises to calmpeople down.

This feature may rely on heart rate dataalone or it may also take into account bloodoxygen levels but these rumors are kind of mixed onwhat exactly will be involved. If it relies only on heart rate data,then this feature could be implemented into older Apple Watch models.But if it relies on blood oxygen monitoring then it could be limited tothe latest Apple Watch Series 6. Aside from those two features and a kindof sketchy rumor about Touch ID being baked into the digitalcrown, the Apple Watch Series 6 is also expected to include fasterperformance, better water resistance, and improved wireless transmissionfor faster Wi-Fi and cellular speeds. Apple will couplethese features with the latest release of watchOS 7 that includes new featureslike custom watch faces and the ability to share those custom watch facesor download others from the App Store, a new sleep app and sleep trackingfunctionality, improved fitness tracking metrics andmodes, cycling directions in the Maps app, automatic hand washing detection andreminders, and much more. On the iPad front, rumors are circulatingabout a refreshed iPad Air that could debut at the event. AnonymousTwitter account L0vetodream, which has a mostly accurate track record when itcomes to leaks, says that Apple is working on an 11-inchiPad Air with an all-screen display that uses an under-display version of Touch ID rather than Face ID like the iPad Pro.

It has also been rumored to feature a USB-C port and Smart Connector pins onthe back of the iPad for accessories. Basically what we'relooking at here is a lower-cost 11-inch iPad Prowith a similar design all the way around but no Face ID.I'd also assume, and these are just my own thoughts and opinions here,that you're not going to get the same quality display with the iPad Aircompared to the iPad Pro. At least you're probably not going to get ProMotion, but again these are just my own assumptionssince information about this device is rather limited right now.Now there is a leaked manual that happened back in August about this newiPad Air, seemingly confirming many of the rumorsthat we've heard about the upcoming device.It appears to feature an all-screen display on the manual,but instead of adopting Face ID or the under-display Touch ID that I justtalked about, it shows Touch ID built into the powerbutton of the device.

Now if any of this is true, this would bea huge update from the current iPad Air, which is still modeled after theoriginal iPad with thick top and bottom bezelsand a physical home button. If Apple can releasea light version of the iPad Pro at around the $400 to $500 pricerange, this iPad Air could be a huge hit. Now iffor some reason reports about the event details are wrongand Apple does in fact introduce new iPhones next week,here's a quick rundown of what to expect. This year, you can expect to seefour models starting with the iPhone 12, which will be the more affordableiphone model available and will come in 5.4and 6.1-inch size options. The 5.4-inch model will be the smallest iPhone thatApple has released in years. Then on the Pro side of things, you canexpect to see 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch options.

The 6.7-inch option would be the largest iPhone that Apple has ever released.All of the iPhones will feature edge to edge displays and Face ID functionalitywith TrueDepth camera systems. We can also expect to see 5G implementedin the new 2020 lineup, with a few other high-end featureshopefully making its way over to the Pro models.Those features include the possibility of a LiDAR scanner similar to what'sseen on the iPad Pro, a 120Hz refresh ratefor the display, and potentially support for millimeterwave 5G instead of only sub-6GHz, which is what'srumored to be supported on the lower end models.

All of the new iPhones will use faster A14 chips and because 5G is so expensive,Apple might do away with the power adapter and earbuds that normally comeinside of the box, instead offering these separately.Apple's iPhones are delayed this year and won't be shipping out to customersin September, which Apple has confirmed already andthat's why we kind of don't expect next week to be the iPhone event. But we are thinking that the iPhones will still be coming a few weeks laterin October. Lastly, there are a few other products that have been rumoredto be released at the same point near the end of 2020, and since we'reapproaching the final few months of 2020 it's possible that we can seesome other new products at next week's event.

We made an entire video about AirTags, so if you want to check those out you can do so, but if you are unfamiliarwith AirTags they are a Tile-like Bluetooth trackerthat can stick to products either with adhesiveor a potential ring, and track said products using the Find My app. Apple isalso rumored to be working on high-endover-ear headphones that could be called the AirPods Studioand would come in at a starting price of $349.We've been hearing rumors about these new headphones, which will be the firstApple-branded over-ear headphones, since 2018 but rumors are picking upand it looks like we're going to see a launch this fall.

AirPods Studio willjoin the AirPods lineup with the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro,and the new headphones will be distinct from Apple's existing Beatslineup which features several over-ear headphone options.Current rumors indicate the AirPods Studio will feature active noisecancellation, equalizer settings controlled through aniOS or Mac device, and head and neck detection similar toear detection in the AirPods. Other possibilities include a moreaffordable smaller HomePod, a new wireless charging mat but not thefailed AirPower mat that Apple introduced a few years ago,and of course the introduction of the first Apple SiliconMac, which could come in the form factor of a new Macbook Air or a redesignediMac. There is no doubt going to be a lot tosee at the event next week, which will be live streamed on Apple's website and theApple TV app on Tuesday, September 15th at 10 a.mPacific Time, but also be sure to stay locked intomacrumors.com for more information about the eventas well as full live coverage.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what youthink Apple is going to announce at the eventin the comment section down below.


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