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After the Corona Crisis, Hong Kong is now issue, Trump said - a big decision in a week on China.

Protest against Chinese law in Hong Kong

Trump says big decision on China in a week

China is once again the target of criticism due to Corona virus crisis worldwide. China, which asserted its dominance over Hong Kong, has introduced a new law, which has been named the National Security Act. This law is being widely opposed in Hong Kong and now US President Donald Trump has also given a statement about it.

US President Donald Trump said in a press conference at the White House the previous day, "What China is doing in Hong Kong is not right, we will take a decision soon."

Donald Trump said that you will hear about this soon, maybe this week. We will answer very powerfully. It is worth noting that Donald Trump has already been angry with China on the Corona virus and US election issues, he has held China responsible for the Corona virus, while at the same time has also told the Chinese tricks to defeat him in the elections.

What is happening in Hong Kong?

Let us tell you that the Communist Party Parliament is going on in China at this time, where decisions related to China are being discussed. Meanwhile, the National Security Act to be brought to Hong Kong was discussed and it was announced that it would be implemented within a month.

Historical protests against this law have been taking place on the streets of Hong Kong since last year, which are being watched by the whole world.

Under this law, if a person from Hong Kong commits a crime in China, he can be extradited for investigation. Earlier this bill did not have this provision, earlier it was such that if someone commits an offense then there was no treaty to extradite him to any other country. But the bill was amended and treaties were signed with several countries. Which includes places like China, Taiwan, Macau.

Apart from this, if a person tamper with national symbols, insult the anthem or do anything that the administration finds anti-national, then he can be jailed for three years. In Hong Kong, this law is being called a violation of democracy.

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